Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams


Yesterday I completed the second of two 7 day challenges to meet or exceed my minimum word goal each day, no excuses allowed.  Today I’m taking a break from any self-imposed writing goals to sort the scenes I’ve written in the past seven days into the chapters where they belong.

Then tomorrow, I plan to read through that section and see if I need to tweak things or rearrange the order in which the scenes occur.

One of the things, I’ve been learning over the course of the two 7 day challenges was to trust in the process.   I spend about 30 minutes free writing by hand before I sit down at the computer to work and as I read back through my writing journal almost without fail I would be whining that I didn’t know where I was going to start that day or where the words were going to come from.

What I discovered was that once I sat down to write, determined to meet that day’s goal,  the words would come.   Sometimes they were agonizingly slow making the transition from the “movie” playing in my head into words on the screen but they came.

Then as I was writing my Morning Pages this morning, this quote popped into my head:

Famous Henry David Thoreau quote

During those two 7 day challenges I may not have been advancing confidently (determinedly might be a better word) but I was most certainly advancing in the direction of my dreams.   And I did indeed meet with unexpected success.

When have you met with success unexpected and what, if any, was the lesson that you learned from that?




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